The new Travel Guide section now available!

January 11, 2018

These last months we have been working in order to satisfy our users' demands, who asked for a new section that would be useful when travelling.

Thanks to the help and collaboration of many users, we could create a new section of travel guides. You can access the site with this link:​

As you will see, within this section, there are 8 different categories that portray the different situations we can face when travelling. Each category shows specific content and has the possibility to be translated to different languages (we will try to include more and more languages).

In addition, we thought it would be interesting to offer some basic vocabulary to complement these guides, which is helpful for those who are using the aforementioned guides. This basic vocabulary can also be translated into different languages.

We know the effort many of you have put on this project and we would like to thank you once again. Now, we encourage you to have a look at this section.